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*These are not ads Marcus Promotions sells, but instead ads that you can insert into your program pages from your personal community partners, advertisers, and vendors. These ads may alter your overall page count, and will go towards the amount of pages you request. However, any ads placed within your program copy that have been sold by Marcus Promotions will not be billable to your final page count.


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*Yes, you can have color pages within your program! $50/page per 1,000 quantity or $100/4 page (on same press form) per 1,000 quantity. Questions? Contact Greg Widener at for details. (NOTE: Digital only programs come in full color at no additional charge.)


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*Please Note: Marcus Promotions, Inc.© reserves the right to charge a flat rate of $50 per day for program copy that is late or incomplete (missing bios, photos, etc.), and $65 per hour for other production work. Please refer to your contract for further information.

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