Milwaukee Concours D’ Elegance Ad Referral Form

Businesses and services interested in connecting with the community in a unique way and who wish to reach an affluent demographic with their message.

Please consider your network of friends, colleagues, personal service providers, vendors, and business contacts as potential advertising referrals for the Milwaukee Concours D’ Elegance Commemorative Souvenir Guide.


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Potential Referral Sources

  • Who is your healthcare provider? Cardiac? Orthopedic? Dental? Cosmetic?
  • Who is your remodeler, landscaper or home builder?
  • Who handles your insurance, financial planning, legal issues, and accounting?
  • Who is your realtor?
  • Who services your vehicles?
  • Who does your auto portering?
  • Where do you purchase your attire/jewelry and have your wardrobe tailored?
  • Do you have as relationship with your favorite restaurateur?
  • Do you have a loved one in a senior care facility?


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